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Since 2012, Azuri has delivered affordable solar home systems on a commercial basis to customers in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The company has sold more than 150,000 systems, impacting more than 750,000 lives.

Without electricity, rural Africans are forced to use lighting alternatives, such as, candles, batteries, and kerosene lamps, which can represent as much as a third of the net income for poorer households. Apart from being denied light at night, a lack of power also means simple things like recharging a mobile phone becomes a major logistic challenge, often necessitating a long journey to the nearest phone-charging kiosk.

Azuri´s long-term vision is to bridge the digital and services gap that exists between urban and rural communities through the power of solar. A proud member of key industry bodies, Azuri regularly engages with governments, policy-makers and global leaders around the world to help shape this exciting new sector.

Azuri products and services include:
• AzuriTV - delivers more than 60 channels of content on its 32-inch and or 24-inch solar-powered television and comes complete with 4 powerful LED lights, rechargeable radio and torch and mobile phone charging.
• Azuri Quad Solar Home System - complete package for household lighting and comes with 3X powerful LED lights and a bright tube light, rechargeable radio and torch, plus mobile phone charging.
• Additional Services - Azuri has partnered with leading consumer brands to provide rural off-grid consumers a choice of modern services and devices available through their pay-as-you-go solar solutions.

Country profiles: Azuri Technologies Kenya in Kenya, Azuri Technologies Uganda in Uganda, Azuri Technologies Tanzania in Tanzania, Azuri Technologies Zambia in Zambia, Azuri Technologies Nigeria in Nigeria

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