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Founded in 2014 by its Managing Director, Mr. Mudogo Rainizana Didi, MD Services is a company incorporated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

MD Services offers various services in the field of outsourcing. The company is well known for the high quality service it offers its various partners operating within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

At MD Services, we operate in accordance with very high business ethics and standards. We are transparent and accountable in all internal and external matters, in accordance with international standards, the laws of the Republic and the terms of agreements with our clients´ privacy policies.

Having experience in outsourcing human resources to various partners for years (e.g KIBALI GOLD MINE, BOART LONGYEAR, SHAFT SINKERS, GROUP FIVE, OREZONE, MASTER DRILLING, PPC, CIMKO, CICO etc.) in their respective fields such as exploration, construction, drilling and mining development activities within the country, particularly in the Kivu, Province Orientale, Maniema, Katanga, Lualaba and Kongo Central; MD Services is confident that the services it offers will positively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of any business within the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as meet the organizational requirements, needs and goals.

Our company´s mission is to provide support for core activities of chain of value of any company operating within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

- We mobilize, allocate and manage human resources for optimal implementations of the following activities:
- Supply logistics (transport, receiving, inventory and distribution);
- Manufacturing (transformation of raw materials into finished products, construction, assembly);
- Logistics Marketing (collection, inventory and distribution of finished products to the customer);
- Security and guarding offices, warehouses, residences, etc;
- Maintenance of facilities;

- And many others (any type of service that can increase and maintain the value of the product or the company).

Our Vision is to become the leading African Organization that provides world class human resources services.

Our Mission is to provide customized outsourcing services and solutions that respond to the growing and changing needs of our partners.

Our international branches currently include: MD Services in DR Congo (Headquarters), MD Services in Uganda (Branch), MD Services in South Africa (Branch).

MD Services Contact Details:


1st Floor Finance House, 25 Ernst Oppenheimer Street, Bruma, Johannesburg, South-Africa


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MD Services business areas:

Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Commercial Services and Supplies \ Diversified Support Services
Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Professional Services \ Human Resource and Employment Services
Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Professional Services \ Research and Consulting Services

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