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Charms Uganda Ltd was set up in 2004 is a part of the renowned House of Dawda group.

The House of Dawda group has had its presence in East Africa for over two decades. The group is engaged in divergent businesses such as manufacturing pharmaceuticals; biscuits & fruit juices, real estate; distribution of commodities; household range of products, etc.

Charms Uganda Ltd initially engaged in distribution of reputed brands of cosmetics. Charms Uganda Ltd has now diversified into distributing personal care products, confectionery and other food products.

Charms Uganda Ltd has a strong reputation with manufacturing partners for handling products with integrity and the ability to purchase large lots of product for distribution to customers. Charms Uganda Ltd is involved in trading and distribution of products using the vast network established across the country. At Charms Uganda Ltd, our superb and strategic network of distribution outlets enables excellent smooth sales activities in markets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Charms Uganda Ltd intends to become the most efficient distribution business in Uganda.

Charms Uganda Ltd Contact Details:


Plot No M224 Factory Close, Ntinda, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda

P.O. Box 25856,
Kampala, Uganda


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Charms Uganda Ltd business areas:

Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors
Consumer Staples \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food Distributors
Consumer Staples \ Food, Beverage and Tobacco \ Food Products \ Agricultural Products
Consumer Staples \ Food, Beverage and Tobacco \ Food Products \ Packaged Foods and Meats
Consumer Staples \ Household and Personal Products \ Household Products \ Household Products
Consumer Staples \ Household and Personal Products \ Personal Products \ Personal Products

Easy Price Book Uganda
Easy Price Book Uganda