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Farm Solutions Africa Ltd (FSA) - Easy Price Book Uganda

Farm Solutions Africa (FSA) is a specialist in agricultural research consultancy vegetable seeds herbs agrochemicals and market development in Uganda. In 2014 Farm Solutions Africa Ltd (FSA) started its first collaborative research and consultancy programme and since then its Research and Development department has expanded to include Agro-chemicals vegetables sweet corn tomatoes peppers herbs fallow crops and cereals. Farm Solutions Africa Ltd (FSA) secondary business i [...]


Eunie's Kitchen Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

In business since 2015 Eunie s Kitchen Ltd is a team of highly professional motivated individuals whose desire is to see an increased appreciation of tasty healthy organic Ugandan cuisines both at home and world over. Eunie s Kitchen Ltd cooks three types of food: Soul food (inspirational music) Mind food (inspirational books) Food for the body (Ugandan local cuisine with signature recipes) At Eunie s Kitchen Ltd our top notch meals quality and displ [...]


Afri-fresh Uganda Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Afri-fresh Uganda Ltd is an importer and distributor of imported fresh produce. Afri-fresh Uganda Ltd products include: Tangerines Pomengranates Blueberries Oranges Pink Lady and Cripps Apples Peaches Mushrooms Kiwis Cherries Litchies Pears Grape Fruit Red Plums Lemons Nectarines [...]


Afro-Kai Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

From a humble beginning Afro-Kai Ltd started business in 1979 but was formally incorporated as Limited Liability Company in 1984. The company which started its operations with the selling of General Merchandise and in the early 80 s went on to the selling of agricultural produce and has since penetrated the East African region markets and corporate entities. The company that mainly dealt with smallholder farmers on a commercial basis has expanded its operations to include agro-pro [...]


Decase Chemicals (U) Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Decase Chemicals Ltd was incorporated in Kenya in 1993 Uganda in 1995 Tanzania in 1996 and Ethiopia in 2009 it has a work force of 50 people regionally directly and contractually. With support from our Partners and Manufacturers in Middle East Far East Asia and Europe we are one of the largest distributors of Industrial Chemicals like Polymers Additives Masterbatches Packaging Film and Plastic Machinery in East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Food Division deals with Confectionary Sn [...]


Best Ingredients Africa Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Best Ingredients Africa Ltd has been in the market since 2009. It was established to offer Supply services and general trading. The company has grown to large dimensions opening branches in East Africa and South Sudan. The objective of Best Ingredients Africa Ltd among others is to give our clients health based ingredients to cover their bakery needs. Our growth is primarily driven by a philosophy that demands we provide quality products and services to our clientele. We consistent [...]


Smart Foods Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Smart Foods Ltd is the principle producer of Tofu and other soya products in East Africa. Smart foods Ltd is a fast growing food processing company registered in 2008. Smart Foods Ltd aims at maintaining an innovative edge in food product development oriented for better lifestyles livelihoods and wealth creation for the nationals. Smart Foods Ltd is principally adding value to the soya bean it being a highly nutritious plant but still remains underutilized in the country. Smart F [...]


Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd (Lato Milk) - Easy Price Book Uganda

Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd (Lato Milk) is a fast growing Ugandan dairy company specializing in the production of pure nutritious high quality milk products under the Lato brand that appeal to our customers taste. Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd (Lato Milk) is committed to excellence and that is what drives us to better our product offerings. At Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd (Lato Milk) we employ the use of modern technology to transform milk into different products that meet the evolving needs of the m [...]


Charms Uganda Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Charms Uganda Ltd was set up in 2004 is a part of the renowned House of Dawda group. The House of Dawda group has had its presence in East Africa for over two decades. The group is engaged in divergent businesses such as manufacturing pharmaceuticals; biscuits & fruit juices real estate; distribution of commodities; household range of products etc. Charms Uganda Ltd initially engaged in distribution of reputed brands of cosmetics. Charms Uganda Ltd has now diversified into distri [...]


Shares Uganda Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

Shares Uganda Ltd develops finances processes and exports value added organic agricultural commodities in Uganda in direct cooperation with small scale farmers. Shares Uganda Ltd s main export commodities are sesame seeds dried chili pepper and chia.Shares Uganda Ltd s mission is to establish organic and fair trade value added production chains locally that are ecologically socially and economically sound and to make it attractive to all parties in the chain.Shares Uganda Ltd aims for econo [...]


The Hive Ltd - Easy Price Book Uganda

The Hive Group Ltd is the leading supplier of modern cutting edge beekeeping equipment in The African Continent and its Islands. Currently The Hive Group has 15 Companies in Africa that include: Kenya Sierra Leone Tanzania Nigeria Uganda Malawi Rwanda Liberia Senegal Burundi Botswana Zambia and South Sudan but with distribution to many other countries. The Hive Group has for years invested highly in research innovation and training to ensure that the most modern and appropria [...]


Easy Price Book Uganda
Easy Price Book Uganda

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