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We Are Egypt Company for Agricultural and Mechanical Equipment (ECAME). We are an ISO: 9001-2000 accredited company. Since ECAME established in 1990, and our first products born and be available in markets gained a lot of interest from our clients specially it achieves their own requirements in Reasonable Price beside Very Strong Construction and Easy Usage and Maintenance. This encourage us and considered as incentive to push ECAME Team to do their best to maintain the Big Trust which Our Valued Clients give it to Our Products.

ECAME can be considered the First Manufacturer for All Pest and Vermin Control Equipment in All Middle East Area. Specially that our products range covers all pest control sector requirements. as we produce different series from Thermal Fogging Machines from Portable Model ECAME FOG 40, Truck Mounted Types Like ECAME FOG 100 & 120 which is manual operated, ECAME FOG 100 & ECAME FOG 100m or equipped with remote control panel as ECAME FOG 120 & 120m.

also we consider the economical requirements of our clients as we produce the same models equipped with Stainless Steel Solution Tanks and the same series of products but equipped with Internal Coated Barrels to minimize the cost.

We manufacture and export the following products: Thermal Fogging Machines in Very High Quality, Cold Aerosol Generators (ULV Applicators), and Stainless Steel Compression Sprayers, Electrical Sprayers which saves effort as it´s Electrical Pumping. Besides the price is very competitive. As from the specs our products are outstanding.

Fogging Machines (ECAME FOG). So our fogging applicators for pest control in the public health field for controlling flies, mosquitoes, also which widely used for plant protection for fighting white fly, leaf miners, mites, fungus...etc

Our products are tested and approved by Ministry Of Agriculture And Ministry Of Public Health. Although Our ECAME FOG Applicators has an excellent efficiency, its price is attractive. We have different models for Thermal Fogging Machines:

1. ECAME FOG 40 - Begins from shoulder portable type, suits small areas
2. ECAME FOG 100 & ECAME FOG 100m; ECAME FOG120 & ECAME FOG120m - Truck mounted types begins from manual operated to fully automatic starting by one touch push button. Includes:
- Cooling System: Double Air-Cooled System
- Features: Powerful And Easy To Start, Operate, Stop & Maintain.
- Accessories: Tool Set, Cleaning Kit, And Shoulder Strap, Etc
3. ECAME FOG 200 - Truck Mounted Giant Mechanical Double Purpose Thermal Fogger/ULV (Equipped With Petrol Engine 13 hp Briggs & Stratton)
4. Truck Mounted Giant Mechanical Cold Aerosol Generator (ULV) (Equipped With Petrol Engine 13 hp or 16 hp Briggs & Stratton or HONDA)

We have more than 25 years Experience in Pest Control Equipment. From vector control to plant protection to disinfection. Meeting the individual demands of our valued customers is our main goal.
When Pest Control is The Aim, ECAME is The Name. Our thermal fog generators and ULV aerosol generators find their use in a wide range of applications in more than 25 countries all over the world. Permanent research and development are a key factor for keeping the high quality standards and enabling marketable and practical products and systems. Through modern engineering, a process orientated organization and a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 we guarantee our customers constant product quality for highest efficiency and security.

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A.R.E Sadat City, Industrial Zone, #3
P.O. Box 110 Post Code 32897



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