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About Rank Zimbabwe ...

Rank Zimbabwe is the largest stationery manufacturer and distributor in Zimbabwe and your one-stop shop for stationery and accessories.

Rank Zimbabwe opened its doors in 1981 and has serviced Zimbabwe´s stationery requirements since then. The focus on stationery and related products is in line with Rank Zimbabwe's key competitive advantages: a local company, trusted brand name and quality products.

Rank Zimbabwe has long standing relationships with nearly all primary and secondary educational institutions in Zimbabwe and has organised a number of donation drives providing schools with essential educational supplies and sponsoring prizes and awards.

The majority of products are under Rank Zimbabwe´s 3 in-house brands – MERIT, KIAN and LOTUS.

Rank Zimbabwe has a range of over 750 products which include:
• Stationary - books, pencils, bond paper, maths sets, calculators, pens, markers, files, etc
• Office Furniture and Equipment - desks, chairs, shredders and whiteboards, etc

Rank Zimbabwe Contact Details:

Website: www.rank.co.zw

108 Coventry Road, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe


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