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About Papyrus Paper & Stationery ...

Papyrus Paper & Stationery is in all aspects of stationery distribution, ranging from paper based stationery, writing instruments, office accessories and computer consumables.

Papyrus Paper & Stationery' vision is to be an industry leader in the stationery distribution field nationwide, contributing positively to the economic growth of the country.

Papyrus Paper & Stationery products include:
• Books Pads and Paper
• Book Covering and Accessories
• Writing and Drawing Equipment
• Pencil Cases
• Art and Craft
• Punches
• Correction and Erasing Materials
• Staplers and Accessories
• Glues and Adhesives
• Scissors and Pins
• Educational Learning Activities

Papyrus Paper & Stationery Contact Details:


116 Lytton Road Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe


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