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Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd's primary business is the supply of explosives, explosives accessories, and process chemicals for the mining, quarrying and manufacturing industries.

Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean registered company, operating since 1990.

Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd offers quality products at competitive prices, and guarantees timely delivery; thanks to a wide branch network around Zimbabwe, and excellent logistics arrangements around the globe. Intrachem sources quality products from world-renowned manufacturers within, and outside Africa.

Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd products and services include:
• Explosives and Chemicals Product Supply, Application and Use.
• Open pit and quarries down-the-hole emulsion charging service.
• Blast designs, blast analysis, blast monitoring and blast evaluation
• Fragmentation analysis.
• Health and Safety aspects in product transportation, storage, use, and disposal.
• Emergency response.
• Technical product support.

Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd Contact Details:


2 Ridgeway South, (Corner Ridgeway and Enterprise Roads), Harare, Zimbabwe

P.O Box HG 185,
Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe



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