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Moringa Initiative Ltd was established in February 2013, when we leased a beautiful farm in Chisamba in the Central Province of Zambia. The farm had been left dormant for a couple of decades. We treated the land with love and care, and now have 35 hectares of healthy Moringa, providing us with 120 tons of dried leaf per annum.

Our plantation is nurtured by 150 Zambian employees, of which some 85% are women. All employees are thoroughly trained in order to produce the highest quality moringa. As well as being trained and mentored, all employees are given free healthcare to the best of the company´s ability, and free housing is provided on our farm. An on-farm basic clinic has been built and a small creche with a childminder is provided to look after children whose mothers are working. A monthly allocation of moringa is provided to all employees, promoting health to all, but especially the children.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and being transparent in all our farming processes and practices. Our moringa is planted in the fertile soils of Chisamba, free of pesticides and chemicals. The only things added are natural compost, sun, water and rain. Once our moringa plants (Moringa oleifera) have soaked up this goodness and grown to optimum size, we tenderly harvest them by hand, wash them and leave them to dry for a period of 24 hours. Our moringa is dried in a conventional heat exchange system where temperature, humidity and air circulation are carefully monitored, resulting in high quality dried moringa leaves.

Health and quality living are our way of life. To ensure our high standards never drop, the entire production process is strictly monitored. When ready, we process the dried leaves into moringa powder and moringa tea leaf. Every batch that is harvested is sent overseas for testing. Once received, our moringa is then sent to a reputable manufacturing facility where the final products are packaged, ready for distribution across local and international markets.

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Postnet Box 292, P Bag E891, Lusaka, Zambia


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