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Kansma Investments Ltd is a Zambian owned company based in Lusaka, Zambia that was incorporated in the year 2000. Since then, Kansma Investments Ltd has undertaken a number of assignments involving supply and delivery of Medical Equipment Medical Consumables, and other related supplies. Besides, Kansma Investments Ltd has also been involved in Medical Laboratory Equipment Installation and Repair.

At Kansma Investment Ltd we believe in service with excellence, because our goal in as far as our dealership with our clients is concerned: "is to serve you and provide for your business needs with the strictest sense of excellence attached to our service delivery".

For Kansma Investments Ltd, providing for your business needs in the most excellent way is a non negotiable instrument.

Kansma Investments Ltd's mission is to be an excellent provider of Medical and Scientific Equipment, Research and Laboratory Aids.

Kansma Investments Ltd vision is to become a market leader in the provision of medical and scientific solutions.

Kansma Investments Ltd Contact Details:

Website: https://www.kansmainvestments.com

P/Bag Rw 663x, Lusaka, Zambia

P.O Box 10101,
Lusaka, Zambia



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Kansma Investments Ltd business areas:

Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors
Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Commercial Services and Supplies \ Diversified Support Services
Health Care \ Health Care Equipment and Services \ Health Care Equipment and Supplies \ Health Care Equipment
Health Care \ Health Care Equipment and Services \ Health Care Equipment and Supplies \ Health Care Supplies
Health Care \ Health Care Equipment and Services \ Health Care Technology \ Health Care Technology

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