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Braceline Orthodontics - Easy Price Book Zambia

Braceline Orthodontics launched in October 2015 and is lead by Dr. Ana Luering. This practice is her life-long dream and its realization brings orthodontic services and technologies to Zambia that have not existed here before. The building is centrally located in the Roma suburb of Lusaka and is purpose-built from the ground up. Braceline staff are very highly trained for the roles they perform on a daily basis and pride themselves on offering an excellent friendly service. Braceline Orthodontic [...]


Kansma Investments Ltd - Easy Price Book Zambia

Kansma Investments Ltd is a Zambian owned company based in Lusaka Zambia that was incorporated in the year 2000. Since then Kansma Investments Ltd has undertaken a number of assignments involving supply and delivery of Medical Equipment Medical Consumables and other related supplies. Besides Kansma Investments Ltd has also been involved in Medical Laboratory Equipment Installation and Repair. At Kansma Investment Ltd we believe in service with excellence because our goal in as far as our dealers [...]


Chemoquip (Z) Ltd - Easy Price Book Zambia

Chemoquip Ltd was founded in 1992 with the goal of developing one of the largest "one stop shop" for laboratory equipment supplies in East and Central Africa. We use professionalism as our umbrella when conducting different aspects of business. Chemoquip Ltd thrives on quality and customer service is our tenet. Chemoquip Ltd products are available in a number of different East and Central African regions. Our efficient distribution network ensures our products are readily available to ou [...]


Phil Opticians Ltd - Easy Price Book Zambia

Phil Opticians Ltd offers an international standard optician service comprehensive eye examination that includes auto-refractometer to refine refractive errors; non-contact tonometer for eye pressure; visual activity test to find out distance near and intermediate vision; refraction assessments to determine prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses; ishihara s test for colour blindness; duochurme rest jacks on cross cylinder and pinhole tests and retinoscope and ophalmoscope examinations. The [...]