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Sunray Power Company Ltd


About Sunray Power Company Ltd ...

Incorporated on 17th January 2013, Sunray Power Company Ltd is a Zambian private company limited by shares that designs, supplies and installs high quality solar products. Sunray Power Company Ltd also has a sister company, Sunray Power (Pty) Ltd, which is operational in South-Africa.

Operating from Lusaka and Monze, Sunray Power Company Ltd's main goal is to bring technically sound and value-optimized renewable energy solutions to the people of Zambia, especially in rural areas.

Sunray Power Company Ltd's vision is to become a major supplier of renewable energy products, systems and services in Zambia and throughout Africa.

Sunray Power Company Ltd business activities include:
• Sourcing, importation and distribution of quality solar products.
• Engineering consultation, focusing on solar systems.
• Design of bespoke solar systems such as DC or AC systems for homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and universities.
• Installation of solar systems.
• Design and installation of solar water pumping systems.
• Maintenance of solar systems.
• Solar Training Courses.
• Providing renewable energy services.

Sunray Power Company Ltd Contact Details:

Website: sunrayafrica.com

Nr 13 Lunsenfwa Road, Kalundu, Lusaka, Zambia

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