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Independent Power Projects (IPP) are energy solution providers passionate about driving the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in industrial processes.

Developments in power generation technology and the attendant reductions in equipment prices now present an attractive opportunity for both grid-connected and island operated industry to integrate alternative energy derived from Solar PV, wind, LNG or waste heat recovery ensuring ESG targets are met, system reliability and stability are improved, and costs are reduced.

At Independent Power Projects (IPP), we bring the client, the technology, and the requisite funding together by developing energy transition projects that achieve these goals.

Independent Power Projects (IPP) examines each client’s particular circumstances and develops the best solution possible to achieve an Energy Transition project that moves our world ever closer to a Net Zero future.

By contracting with the Client, Funders and specialist technical service companies, Independent Power Projects (IPP) ensures that project risks are identified and managed by the party best suited to managing them. At Independent Power Projects (IPP), we project manage the project development and ensure that timelines are maintained. Independent Power Projects (IPP) also performs due diligence on the client and suppliers to ensure risks are mitigated and managed. In short Independent Power Projects (IPP) develops Energy Transition projects that brings us closer to a Net Zero future.

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South Africa

Telephone: +447770346285

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