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Flexipump Irrigation Ltd is a company committed to designing great products at affordable prices.

Flexipump Irrigation Ltd's products include:

• The Flexipump:
Flexipump Irrigation Ltd's story started with the flexipump. The Flexipump is a water pump designed to give subsistence farmers an opportunity to transform their lives. The easiest way for small-scale farmers to increase their crop yields is through sufficient irrigation. However, watering crops with buckets takes too long. With a Flexipump, farmers can easily reduce the time taken to irrigate by up to 80%! This means they can grow more food, on a larger area, both to eat and to sell.

• The Plug and Spray water pump:
A design inspired by the drought that has affected much of South Africa. The pump is so easy to use that it does not require professional installation. It allows householders to move water effortlessly from their water tanks to the plants and crops that need it, making sure that no drop of precious water is wasted.

To get our pumps to our customers who need them, Flexipump Irrigation Ltd works with established distributors who take fair margins and sell at an affordable price.

At Flexipump Irrigation Ltd, we believe that to achieve the greatest social impact, the flexipump should be sold to farmers at a fair price as opposed to relying on charities simply to give them the solution for free.

Currently, Flexipump Irrigation Ltd has distribution partners in South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are always looking for more distributors to sell the Flexipump to farmers at an affordable price.

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Website: www.flexipump.com

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