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Tents Hire Uganda Ltd is a tent rental service which offers wedding and party tents in Kampala and other areas in Uganda.

Tents Hire Uganda Ltd has the best tents for rent in Uganda that you can hire for your wedding, introduction, corporate event or any gathering in Uganda. Tents Hire Uganda Ltd has a great number of tents that are available for hire. Tents Hire Uganda Ltd tents can be hired throughout Uganda. Do you have an event in Kampala, Wakiso, Entebbe, Jinja or any part of the country ? Tents Hire Uganda Ltd will be able to get you the best tent.

At Tents Hire Uganda Ltd, we will always make sure that you have the best tent for your wedding in Uganda. Tents Hire Uganda Ltd wedding tents can accommodate from 50 to 1,000 people. The tents come in different shapes from the Polygonal to the arcume tents - transparent tents. You will surely have the best wedding day with Tents Hire Uganda Ltd great tents.

If you are planning your introduction, kwanjula or Kukyala and you haven’t got a tent yet, simply get in touch with Tents Hire Uganda Ltd and we will surely hire you the best tent.

Are you having a corporate event in Uganda such as a company party, or any corporate gathering and you are looking for the perfect tent that can accommodate a great number of people? Tents Hire Uganda Ltd will be able to get you the perfect tent for your corporate event.

Tents Hire Uganda Ltd can also get you tents for baby showers, birthday and small gatherings. At Tents Hire Uganda Ltd we also have small tents that can accommodate from 25 people and upwards. These great small tents are wonderful for any small event such as birthday events.

Tents Hire Uganda Ltd will make sure that we get you the best tent that fully accommodate your needs. The price of hiring a tent from Tents Hire Uganda Ltd fully depends on the size and shape of the tent and the number of people the tent can hold. The prices start from Ugx 500,000 and upwards.

Kindly get in touch with us about the size of the tent that you need such that we offer you the best price.

Tents Hire Uganda Ltd offers the following tents for hire:
• Hexadome tents - great for a small gathering. They are available in both transparent and non-transparent.
• Arcume tent - most of the arcume tents available are transparent and they sit a large number of people starting from 150 and on wards. They have an arched roof.
• Himalayan tents - the Himalayan tents are very popular. These are designed with rooftops that resembled those of hats or you can say they have a triangular roof. The triangular roof are attached together.
• Skyline tents - these offers the people sitting inside them awesome views of the surroundings. These are famous with many people looking for the best event experience.
• Pagola tents - these also have great triangular roofs.
• Multiflex tents - available in different sizes.
• Other tent hire accessories - tent flooring, drappings, lining and curtains, etc

Tents Hire Uganda Ltd Contact Details:

Website: https://tentshireuganda.com

Soya, Bunga, Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda


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