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Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd is a subsidiary of Kenya Seed Group of Companies.

Simlaw Seeds Company was registered in Kenya as a limited liability company in 2002 and its core business is selling and marketing of high quality horticultural seeds in Kenya and Eastern Africa. In the same year, Kenya Seed incorporated Kibo Seed Company Ltd and Mt Elgon Seed Company Ltd in Tanzania and Uganda respectively as an expansion strategy into the Eastern Africa market.

In Uganda, the company changed its name from Kenya Seeds Company Ltd and Mt. Elgon Seed Company Limited to Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd in the fulfillment of the Board resolution to introduce Simlaw Seeds as a regional and international brand of Kenya Seed Company Limited.

The main responsibility of Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd is importing, producing, marketing and distributing quality and genuine agricultural inputs especially; seeds, agricultural chemicals, and farm tools for commercial and subsistence or domestic use.

Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd's mission is to avail top quality certified seed, through research and technology to its customers timely and affordably to increase productivity.

Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd's vision is to be the preferred supplier of top quality seed in Uganda and beyond.

Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda Ltd products include:
• Agricultural seeds - Cabbage varieties like Gloria F1, Escazu F1,Queen F1,Polo F1, Onions, varieties like Ruby FI, Red Passion F1, Red Creole and Bombay red, Tomato varieties like, Nouvelle F1, New Fortune maker F1, Kilele F1, and Carrots, that are adaptable to various climatic conditions thus adequately meeting the local demand.
• Others crop seeds - Watermelon, Eggplants, Coriander, Green pepper (Capsicum), Okra, Collards Sukuma wiki, Leeks, indeginous vegetables like, Nakati, Spider plant, amaranthus which are highly nutritious and do not require many inputs to flourish. In addition to this, we also stock a variety of Field crops like Kenya Hybrid Maize varieties, the, Beans and Ground Nut varieties, Cowpea, Green Gram, Sesame and Sunflower seeds.
• Pasture seeds - Rhodes grass, Nutri-feed (Forage millet), sugar graze (forage sorghum),Alfalfa(Lucern),and Desmodium

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Plot 78-84, 6th Street Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda

P.O. Box 21303,
Kampala, Uganda


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