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Afya Bora Foods Ltd was established on 25th November 2015 as a private limited liability company, limited by shares. The majority shareholder and promoter of the company Lee Kasunga Nyaika who has been in commodity trade, production and marketing for over since 1992 having worked with Produce Marketing Board, Agrimag a European Union Funded Small Tea Development programme which was responsible for rehabilitation and development of the smallholder tea sector in Uganda.

Afya Bora Foods Ltd products and services include:
• The short term goal of the company is to deal as commodity merchants with the following products - Quality Export Grade Coffee Beans, Quality Graded Coffee for the local market, Undergrades, BHP (Broken Hand Picked) Undergrades, BHP (Broken Hand Picked), etc
• The long term goals of the company include but are not limited to establishing coffee roasting business in the UK, EU and the USA and to establish and distribute in the region and beyond value added coffee, cocoa and tea products.

Afya Bora Foods Ltd Contact Details:


Plot 521 Kawempe, Industrial Area, Kampala Uganda

P.O Box 35015,
Kampala, Uganda

+256 752-207-773

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Afya Bora Foods Ltd business areas:

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