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About Trust Products Ltd ...

Trust Products Ltd is one of the fastest growing paint companies in East and Central Africa based in Uganda.

Trust Products Ltd was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Ssekamwa Gerald.

At Trust Products Ltd, we manufacture the best quality Automotive Refinishing products, Coatings, Decorative paints, Thinners and Industrial Chemical supplies.

For the past few decades, Trust Products Ltd has been supplying its customers with the best quality and lasting products and our market share has been fast growing.

Being one of the fastest growing paint and industrial chemical producing companies in the region, Trust Products Ltd is committed to ever providing the best quality paint and chemical supplies for our customers.

Trust Products Ltd Contact Details:


Plot 27, Kajongolo Lane, Kampala, Uganada

P.O. Box 31782,
Kampala, Uganda


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