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Survnet Uganda Ltd is a dually registered Company incorporated in April 2015 by the company registrar with physical address at Soliz courts, Plot 30, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.

Survnet Uganda Ltd owns, operates and maintains a network of reliable and active Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Uganda and as of March 2021, Survnet Uganda Ltd has a total of Sixteen active stations located in the districts of Kampala – KLA1, Jinja – JJA2, Luwero – LUW1, Mbale – MBLE, Masaka – MSKA, Mubende – MUBE, Hoima- HOIM, Gomba – GOMB, Nakasongola – NAKA, Kamwengye – KAMW, Soroti – SORO, OYAM-OYAM, ARUA-ARUA, Lyatonde – LYAT, Rukungiri – RUKU, and Mbarara – MBRA covering the whole of the central region, Eastern and Western Uganda representing well over 90% of the country´s population.

At Survnet Uganda Ltd, we employ the latest Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) receivers capable of multiple constellation tracking delivering real time network corrections via the industrial standard correction format of RTCM and also provide static data in RINEX format.

Survnet Uganda Ltd also offers a robust 24/7 Real time GPS car Tracking & Monitoring Solution for Vehicles, Motorcycles, Heavy Machinery & All Assets of variety, pets and even person´s / family members from anywhere anytime under the brand 'SURVTRACK'. This comes with a great number of powerful features including geo fencing, remote fuel cutting, instant alerts functionality and much more.

Survnet Uganda Ltd is the only authorized CHC equipment distributor / agent in Uganda offering RTK equipment and software resale and after sales services.

Survnet Uganda Ltd services include:
• GNSS surveying network services including RTK services, static data downloads, static data processing
• CHC GNSS Survey equipment sales and aftersales services
• Hydrographic / bathymetric surveys
• Engineering surveys and 3D Mobile Lidar surveys
• Underground cable, sewer lines and pipeline mapping using ground penetrating radar technology.
• GPS Car tracking services such real-time monitoring, fuel monitoring, asset tracking
• GNSS survey equipment hire service
• CHC equipment repair and maintenance

Survnet Uganda Ltd Contact Details:


Soliz Courts, Plot 30, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda

P.O. Box 22887,
Kampala, Uganda


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