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Simba Automotives Ltd


About Simba Automotives Ltd ...

Simba Automotives Ltd is an automotive manufacturing company.

WE believe that the Africa as a continent is developing at a rapid pace and becoming a world class place to be in. Hence, it is vital for the natives to enjoy affordable world class products.

Operations of Simba Automotives is primarily based on socio economic responsibility thus having core impact on life of local natives.

Simba Automotives Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.simbaautomotives.com

Plot No. 84, Kira Road,
Kampala, Uganda
P.O Box No. 24281,
Kampala, Uganda


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Simba Automotives Ltd business areas:

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Consumer Discretionary \ Automobiles and Components \ Auto Components \ Tires and Rubber
Consumer Discretionary \ Automobiles and Components \ Automobiles \ Motorcycle Manufacturers
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