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Shiv International Ltd, having its headquarters in Tanzania, was incorporated in 2005 and is having offices in Uganda and Rwanda.

Shiv International Ltd's focus area is to provide our customers with quality products related to infrastructure like Bitumen, used for road construction and all other products related to road making. All Shiv International Ltd's products conform to the quality standard requirements of the Bureau of Standard of respective country.

In Bitumen, Shiv International Ltd is mainly dealing with Bitumen 60/70 and Bitumen 80/100 of which we always maintain a stock of 500 M.T each grade for local supply as well as for re-export to other countries. Shiv International Ltd also supplies other grades like Cutback MC30, Emulsion K1-60, SS60, etc which we order specially for our customers against order being shorter shelf life of these products.

At Shiv International Ltd, we are always striving to improve the quality of roads by supplying quality products. We also intend to supply 2 special types of Bitumen i.e Performance Grade Bitumen also known as PG Grade as well as Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB). These bitumen increases the life of the road which inturn is beneficial for the public as well as the country.

Due to our quality products supply our clients requested to also keep a stock of other products used in road making which they need and find difficult to order themselves. Hence, in 2013 we decided to import and stock various products used in road making like Guard Rails, Thermoplastic Road Marking Material, Gabions, Geo-Textiles, etc. We intend to keep a minimum stock of all these products so that we can supply for immediate requirements.

Shiv International Ltd products include: Bitumen; Thermoplastic Road Marking Material; Guard Rails; Gabions & Reno Mattresses; Geo-Textiles; Pothole Repair Material; Road Studs; etc

Country profiles: Tanzania (Head office), Uganda


Plot 5B, Commercial Lane,
Off Ntinda II Road,
Near Maria's Place,Naguru,

Contact Details:
+256 759 407 792

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