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Nkozi Clays Ltd


About Nkozi Clays Ltd ...

Nkozi Clays Ltd manufactures high quality baked clay construction material such as Max Pans, Partition Blocks, Ventilators, Pompey, Facing Bricks, Selected bricks, Malta, Floor Tiles, etc.

Nkozi Clays Ltd products are used in Building and construction, Interior design, Compound Gardening and Design, etc.

Nkozi Clays Ltd also undertakes installation activities such as modern kitchen cabins, facing bricks aligning for offices, homes, schools, commercial buildings etc.

Nkozi Clays Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.nkoziclays.co.ug

5th Floor, Diamond Trust Building, Plot 17/19 Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda

P.O Box 11408,
Kampala, Uganda


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