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Neem Cosmetics (U) Ltd


About Neem Cosmetics (U) Ltd ...

Neem Cosmetics (U) Ltd are manufacturers of neem natural herbal beauty and skincare products.

Neem Cosmetics (U) Ltd has managed to work with professionals to be specific on effective and reliable cosmetics that individuals can always use in their day to day life. Neem Cosmetics will give your skin unique, unlocking perfect match for more visible beautiful appearance all the time.

Our products include: Neem Herbal Shampoo, Neem Cold Wave Hair Cream, Neem Egg Shampoo, Neem Baby Jelly, Neem Baby Powder, Neem Glycerine, Neem Multi Purpose Liquid Detergent, Neem Bleach Regular, Neem Scouring Powder, Neem super conditioning hair creme Relaxer, etc

Neem Cosmetics (U) Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.neemug.com

Plot No. 1413, Block No. 92B, Semuto Kapeeka Road, Matugga, Wakiso Uganda

P.O. Box 31694, Kampala, Uganda


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