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Concfeed International Ltd are manufacturers and distributors of top quality animal feeds to the country´s farming community with an overall objective of adding value to the farming business, contributing to food self sufficiency in Uganda and beyond.

Concfeed International Ltd is regarded as the market leader in the Uganda animal feed industry. Concfeed International Ltd produces a variety of specialized diets and custom feed mixes for the poultry and dairy industries.

Confeed International Ltd also supplies a full range of technical services to its customers, including advice on nutrition, feeding programs, animal husbandry and production techniques.

Confeed International Ltd has a product range of more than 5 different feeds ranging from Poultry feeds, Cattle feeds, and Pet feeds.

Confeed International Ltd products include:
• Concfeed General Protocure
• Premix GP
• Eggomix (Commercial Layer Premix)
• Glucovit
• Concentrates
• Egg Booster
• Meat Booster

Concfeed International Ltd Contact Details:


Kawempe, Mbogo Bombo Road, Kampala, Uganda

P.O Box 32057,
Kampala, Uganda


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