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BMP Engineering Services Ltd


About BMP Engineering Services Ltd ...

BMP Engineering Services Ltd is a private company limited by shares, registered and operating under the Companies Act Cap 110, Laws of Uganda. A wholly locally owned and operated company, BMP Engineering Services Ltd is a statement to the entrepreneurial spirit and quality that defines today's Uganda's fastest growing sector of Engineering and ICT industry.

At BMP Engineering Services Ltd, the efforts at satistying clients is derived from the collective package comparison, immense technical know-how, experience, strict adherence to various statutory and other regulations and standards for the safety of life and property and the assurance of quality.

At BMP Engineering Services Ltd, our vision is to be the leading provider in areas of Engineering, ICT and General Building Services in Uganda and Eastern Africa.

BMP Engineering Services Ltd mission is to offer end to end innovative business solutions through cutting edge technology with the use of a highly skilled and specialized workforce.

BMP Engineering Services Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.bmpengineeringservices.com

Plot 2D/E Nakasero Hill Road, Kampala, Uganda
P.O. Box 8045
Kampala, Uganda


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BMP Engineering Services Ltd business areas:

Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Construction and Engineering \ Construction and Engineering
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Electrical Equipment \ Electrical Components and Equipment
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors
Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Commercial Services and Supplies \ Diversified Support Services
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Information Technology \ Technology Hardware and Equipment \ Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals \ Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals