Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2019


The Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2019 is the sixth annual health summit forming the largest platform in the country, which attract more than 1000 participants. The conference participants bring experience from a wide variety of disciplines, and include health professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacist and other allied health science cadres). Others include health policy makers, health researchers, public health professionals, health insurers, health equipment´s and medicine suppliers, and private health investors and entrepreneurs. The goal of the summit is to exchange ideas and best practices across disciplines in order to improve public health and healthcare delivery in the country.

The theme of this year is:-

"Public and Private Health Systems Improvement : Efficiency and Impact".

The summit will also focus on main agendas as keynote address including:-

1. The position of public and private sector partnership in enhancing quality health service delivery in Tanzania.
2. Challenges of Implementing existing policies and guidelines in control of emerging and re-emerging of infectious diseases. The case of Dengue fever in Tanzania.

Why should you plan to attend the Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2019

1. Meet with professionals from the widest variety of disciplines in the healthcare industry
2. This is your chance to learn about successful strategies in other fields that may be applicable to your own work
3. Be among of the team, which accelerates the required positive transformation in health sector
4. Let people (policy makers and others) know the contributions and achievements you have made, which (might) significantly bring changes and impact the health sector at large
5. Get to know scientific research findings from different research institutions and their plan of implementation
6. Who is who in health industry; Market your brand, interact with health business executives, acquire new buyers or service providers and keep growing.

Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2019, organized by Tanzania Health Summit.

Website: https://www.ths.or.tz

Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2019 - Easy Price Book Tanzania
Venue: Dodoma Convention Centre, Dodoma, Tanzania
Starts: 11/27/2019
Ends: 11/28/2019
Duration: 2 days
Status: Ended
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Easy Price Book Tanzania

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