Kilimanjaro Carnival 2020


Kilimanjaro Carnival is meant to bring people together in celebration of our different cultures. The Carnival will be attended by people of different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds who will showcase their heritage through music, dances, food, attires and others. The event will be colourful, vibrant and fun. Visitors will have the freedom of the city streets as family and friends will join the celebration. The streets will be closed to give carnival goers a chance to find the perfect viewing spot, seats or make their way to one of the stalls and restaurants along the Fan Walk before the evening when the Kili Music Festival begins. This is a celebration of our diversity in culture, colour, language, gender, and heritage.

The Kilimanjaro Carnival transforms the city into location of thrilling entertainment, exciting Carnival balls and promotes vibrant street parties that take place in various Kilimanjaro neighborhoods.

The first edition of the Kilimanjaro Carnival will take place on the 26th January in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It is aims at celebrating culture diversity and attracting domestic and foreign audiences to create numerous economic, political and social impacts in East Africa.

Objective of the program:

The Kilimanjaro Carnival is designed to be a joyous celebration of diverse cultures from different communities around the world. This international unique event aims to:

- Create a Carnival Parade which showcases and celebrates culture diversity in East Africa this will promote co-operation and unity among the East Africa Community and the world.
- Celebrate different multicultural societies around the world, this sets the Kilimanjaro Carnival on the national and international tourism calendar.
- Provide opportunities for community participation to display ethnic and community pride through showcasing arts and culture that provide traditional knowledge to locals and international visitors.
- Encouraging active participation in community cultural life and create a significant hub for the clothing, costume in Tanzania and surrounding communities.
- To generate employment and training opportunities in costume, coat design and production as well as large event logistics.
- To create a social - cultural environment where tourists and locals can experience the beauty, creativity and financial benefits.

Different countries and culture groups would be participating in the Kilimanjaro Carnival including; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, India, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, USA, France, Russia, amongst others, and of course the host country Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Carnival 2020, organized by Mikono Expo Group.


Kilimanjaro Carnival 2020 - Easy Price Book Tanzania
Venue: Ushirika Stadium, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Starts: 01/24/2020
Ends: 01/26/2020
Duration: 3 days
Status: Ended
Easy Price Book Tanzania
Easy Price Book Tanzania

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