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SuperMark 1.5T Superconducting MRI System is a new generation superconducting MRI system based on years of experience in research and development. It is applicable to whole body scan, such as nervous system, spine, joint, soft tissue, pelvic and abdomen, etc.

SuperMark 1.5T Superconducting MRI System provides not only conventional pulse sequences and basic clinical applications, but also advanced functional applications, for instance, 3D angiography and water imaging. It adopts brand new ANKE APEX operation system which ensures easy operation and fast diagnosis.

Features and Highlights of the SuperMark 1.5T Superconducting MRI System:

1.) Technical Advantages

• Reliable short bore superconducting magnet system with zero liquid helium consumption;
• New generation of fully digitalized and extensible multichannel spectrometer;
• Powerful high efficiency and high fidelity gradient system;
• Multi-channel phased array (PA) RF receiving coil with intelligent identification;
• High resolution conventional clinical images;
• Practical advanced functional imaging.

2.) Low Investment

• High cost-effective superconducting MRI system;
• Zero liquid helium consumption, low running and maintenance cost;
• Upgrade fully supported by core technologies with patents;
• Low power consumption;
• Compact magnet design, minimum installation space: 35square meters.

3.) High Return

• High resolution images with thin slice thickness improve diagnosis;
• Short bore magnet design makes patients comfortable;
• Fast scan speed improves work efficiency.

4.) Fast Scan Speed

• SuperMark 1.5T is suitable for all patients. Simple operation and the concept of whole body phased array coil reduce examination time and improve work efficiency greatly.

5.) Upgrade Commitment

• Comprehensive upgrade patch ensures your system in the technology frontier. With upgrade planning package, you can have the latest software and hardware platform continuously.

6.) Superconducting MRI system

• Highly open and humanization design
• Streamlined workflow
• Rich sequences and technology satisfy clinical needs
• Efficient service

Manufacturer:Shenzhen Anke Hi-Tech Co., Ltd

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