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Oleodynamic Semi-Automatic Pedal-Controlled Stretcher at KAS Medics Ltd

Added on 1/28/2020 5:58:44 AM in Health Care \ Health Care Equipment and Services \ Health Care Equipment and Supplies \ Health Care Equipment Expires on 01/15/2021
Oleodynamic Semi-Automatic Pedal-Controlled Stretcher - Health Care Equipment - Health Care Equipment and Supplies - Health Care Equipment and Services - Health Care - Easy Price Book Tanzania

Available from: KAS Medics Ltd

The Oleodynamic Semi-Automatic Pedal-Controlled Stretcher is designed for a rapid and safe transfer of critical patients, for their transportation from the emergency room to the ward and from the ward to the various diagnostic rooms.

Features of the Oleodynamic Semi-Automatic Pedal-Controlled Stretcher:

• The stretcher has a total brake system that perfectly anchors it to the ground, and the stretcher can turn into a functional operating table for emergency surgery or day-hospital operations.
• Stretcher´s height can be adjusted from 58 cm. minimum to 82 cm. maximum. Moreover, the TR 5° / RTR 15°. positions can be accomplished very rapidly.
• The stretcher has two folding side-rails and an adjustable I.V.-pole.
• The stretcher is also equipped with an oxygen-tank holder, located under the headrest, and a wide tray, that if needed, can be equipped with steel baskets.
• The ease of maneuverability and rapidity of movement are guaranteed by four swiveling 150 mm castors and by a central directional wheel.
• The stretcher is supplied with flame retardant mattress, density 30 kg/m3 with washable and waterproof cover.
• Dimensions 180cm x 50cm x 10cm(h).
• Carrying capacity - 200 Kg

Manufacturer: Fazzini

Oleodynamic Semi-Automatic Pedal-Controlled Stretcher Image Gallery:

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