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DENTOM CBCT Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography System at KAS Medics Ltd


The DENTOM CBCT Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography System is an imaging diagnosis device that is widely used in stomatology and ENT and allows all-around image information to be acquired and restored to most authentic image data with a single 360-degree scan. Equipped with the new generation large view DX series high resolution A-Si FPD having a limiting resolution of 3.94lp/mm, its precise low-speed rotation and advanced cone beam reconstruction algorithm ensure high resolution and high reliability to improve diagnosis.

Features and Highlights of the DENTOM CBCT Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography System:

1.) Convenient and perfect dental clinical solution
No need to switch sensor to 3D, panoramic and cephalometric function

a.) Panoramic imaging
• Clearly to distinguish trabecular bone, the mandibular canal, periodontal ligament, root canal
• Provide a complete denture view to facilitate implementation of the perfect treatment
• Convenient and precise positioning

b.) Cephalometric function
• Provide cranial imaging and measurement software
• Multiple cranial lateral measurement formats

c.) 3D reconstruction
• Intuitively and visually provide important guiding significance for diagnosis and treatment
• Low radiation dose
• High resolution image

2.) High-end core components
• The latest DX series large size amorphous silicon FPD of VARIAN
• Gigabit Ethernet data transmission speed
• Fifth generation top technology sense amplifier, 16 bit dynamic range
• Higher SNR, better DQE value, better image quality
• The frame rate greatly improved, increased from 30fps to 60fps, increased from 95fps to 165fps
• Larger imaging area, faster scanning speed, higher image resolution
• Only one rotation scan to directly obtain the complete data of the oral and maxillofacial image
• 360 degree full scan to get 600 frame images, 2D/3D images further expand the scope of clinical application
• The high spatial resolution of 261p/cm@MTF2%, to provide you with ultra clear micro structure
• Unique 6 second image preview function to evaluate the image in the first time to avoid a series of repeated operations, greatly improve the efficiency of work

3.) Lower dose, more secure

a.) Intelligent collimation-tracking technology
• Unique Collimation-Tracking technology to carry out off center scanning, tracking the whole process of small field of view, dynamically adjust the exposure area to reduce the radiation dose

b.) Unique FOV stepless adjustable technology
• FOV range: 4 x 4cm 16cm to x 13cm cm, adjustable
• The head positioning is 6-way fine-tuning to meet the needs of various applications.
• A comprehensive diagnosis of multiple parts of the maxillofacial region, such as teeth, dental pulp, upper and lower mandible, temporomandibular joint, nasal cavity and sinuses, inner ear, orbit, cervical spine, airway and other clear display

4.) Proprietary image artifact correction technology

• MetalCARE metal artifact correction technology
• OneCARE to the bone artifact correction technology
• NoiseCARE noise reduction correction technology

5.) Excellent soft tissue architecture
Anke special reconstruction algorithms, window value adjustment function and noise reduction processing technology, to improve low contrast resolution to clearly display the masseter, pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and soft tissue structures.

6.) Powerful diagnosis and treatment software
• DENTOM is equipped with a powerful oral professional software 3D Merak, which has the characteristics of more simple, intuitive, easy operation and strong interaction
• Flexible layout features, more in line with the requirements of the film printing
• Post processing functions: MPR, CPR, VR, SSD, MIP, and other 3D modules

a.) MPR
• Easy to get cross section, sagittal plane, coronal plane and oblique plane

b.) CPR
• To display arbitrary thickness of the curved surface of the teeth, no image overlap and deformation, but also panoramic of mandibular bilateral anatomical structure

c.) VR
• 3D images displayed intuitively and visually to provide important guiding significance for diagnosis and treatment

d.) Cephalometric function
• Provide imaging and study basis for orthodontics

7.) Rich clinical application

a.) Tooth implantation
• To evaluate the bone and bone mass, analyze and determine the optimal length and diameter of the implant, reduce the complications of vascular nerve injury, and increase the success rate of implant

b.) Temporomandibular joint examination
• Using high resolution 3D image and multi slice, the condylar structure can be clearly displayed, which can provide more information for the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

c.) Maxillofacial surgery
• Accurate 3D anatomical imaging to provide safety assurance for surgical planning.

d.) Department of ENT application
• DENTOM has a very high resolution imaging of soft tissue, ear, sinus and structure of respiratory tract, etc.

e.) Orthodontic field
Merak 3D to provide a variety of image types, such as high resolution three-dimensional images, curved surface tomography and other features, can be fully qualified for the needs of the Orthodontic Department.

f.) Cervical atlantoaxial
• Provide the atlantoaxial vertebral body and joint of high resolution imaging, no bone artifact.

Manufacturer:Shenzhen Anke Hi-Tech Co., Ltd

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