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Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd deals in the importation and distribution of petroleum related products. We provide our customers door to door fuel delivery services or the convenience of picking up products using their own vehicles from a nearby storage facility. We install a storage tank and pump free of charge at any site for customers that buy a large quantity of product from us on a monthly basis and provide them with competitive pricing.

Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd's mission is to provide premium quality products and achieve supplier and customer satisfaction across its operations. At Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd, we pride ourselves in our motto "Refuel. Anywhere. Anytime" and aim to fulfill this promise to our clients whenever they require, wherever they may be.

Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd's vision is to be one of Africa´s leading oil company focusing on importation and distribution of petroleum related products across the continent.

Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd's products and services include:
• Lubricants and Oils
• IK - Kerosene
• AGO - Automotive Gas Oil
• PMS - Premium Motor Spirit
• Retail Services
• Fuel Delivery Solutions
• Wholesale Services
• Transit Solutions

Refuelling Solutions (T) Ltd Contact Details:


95/96 Vingunguti Industrial Area, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

P.O Box 5421,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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