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The Hive Group Ltd is the leading supplier of modern cutting edge beekeeping equipment in The African Continent and its Islands. Currently, The Hive Group has 15 Companies in Africa that include: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Liberia, Senegal, Burundi, Botswana, Zambia and South Sudan but with distribution to many other countries.

The Hive Group has for years invested highly in research, innovation and training to ensure that the most modern and appropriate technologies for the African Bee are provided to the beekeepers in Africa.

The Hive Group also completes the value chain by purchase, collection and processing all the bee products such as comb honey, propolis, royal jelly, wax, sting venom and pollen from all the farmers to whom it supplies equipment and services which are then processed into high quality end products.

Country profiles: The Hive Group Ltd in Kenya, The Hive SL Ltd in Sierra Leone, The Hive Ltd in Tanzania, The Hive Nigeria in Nigeria, The Hive Ltd in Uganda, The Hive Malawi in Malawi, The Hive Rwanda Ltd in Rwanda, The Hive Liberia in Liberia, The Hive / Ruche in Senegal, in Burkina Faso, The Hive Group in Burundi, The Hive Group in Botswana, The Hive Zambia in Zambia, The Hive Group in South Sudan

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South Sudan

+211 955 0266 6769

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Easy Price Book South Sudan
Easy Price Book South Sudan