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Ileys started as a small trading operation in Burao in 1993. From the outset, Ileys was focused on the unique needs and opportunities inherent to Africas emerging markets. Today, ILEYS is a major manufacturing and marketing enterprise, with specialized expertise in the Horn of Africa.

Our factory was established in 2004 to manufacture a wide range of FMCG products including personal care and household cleaning products for the local market, as well as for export to the rest of Africa.

The company puts strong emphasis on education, environment and needy children and orphanages. Our community-based program is rooted in the belief that everything we do should have a lasting positive impact on society. This belief is shown in the way we interact with our employees, customers, environment and community in which we operate. We, at Ileys, can only rate ourselves as being successful if we benefit the larger society.

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Burco Somaliland
Sh Bashir Area – North Somalia


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Consumer Discretionary \ Retailing \ Distributors \ Distributors
Consumer Discretionary \ Retailing \ Multiline Retail \ General Merchandise Stores
Consumer Staples \ Household and Personal Products \ Household Products \ Household Products
Consumer Staples \ Household and Personal Products \ Personal Products \ Personal Products

Easy Price Book Somalia
Easy Price Book Somalia