Africa CEO Forum (ACF) 2024


Africa CEO Forum (ACF) 2024 - At the Table or On the Menu? A Critical Moment to Shape a New Future for Africa.

After a quarter-century of favorable macroeconomic conditions for Africa, marked by easy money, commodity booms and relative political stability, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Geopolitical fault lines have deepened in the past year, creating a multi-regional world, beset with climate, AI and sovereignty challenges, in which global forces are competing viciously over capital, critical resources and the industries of the future.

As we enter a new and uncertain era, Africa stands at a pivotal juncture which will determine its future.

Africa’s ability to secure “a place at the table” and command respect in global dialogues faces threats from widespread governance crises and a noticeable disregard for continental leadership, as evidenced by Africa’s modest outcomes from COP28.

Moreover, we are entering an era shaped by climate and AI disruptions, where complacency risks landing us “on the menu” in the global economic contest. The time to chart the course to a new future for Africa is now. A future in which the African private sector will be empowered to capitalize on the continent’s diverse comparative advantages; from consumer markets buoyed by strong demographic growth to leveraging its natural resources to become a pillar of the global energy transition, or even to feeding the growing appetite for African entertainment, whether in movies, music or sports.

On 16th and 17th May in Kigali, Rwanda, for its 11th annual summit, the Africa CEO Forum 2024 will call on its community of 2,000 business leaders, CEOs, investors, heads of state and ministers to seize this critical moment to shape this new future and to set in motion key transformative agendas. Over 2 days and more than 60 panel discussions, public-private workshops and closed-door roundtables, we will explore a new future for Africa, addressing critical topics such as:

  1. Leadership
    • Fair Climate Transition: Africa’s Stance in a Post-COP28 World
    • Food Security: Building Climate-Resilient Agriculture Systems in Africa
    • Family Businesses and Entrepreneurship: Secrets to Continuity
  2. Digital Future
    • Big Tech & Telcos: Splitting the Bill on Digital Infrastructure
    • Finding the Perfect Balance: Achieving Innovation-Friendly Regulation
    • Can Africa Become a Champion of Artificial Intelligence?
    • Could AI be a Decarbonisation Gamechanger for African Business?
  3. Integration
    • AfCFTA: Scaling Intra-African Trade in a Decisive Decade
    • African Airlines: Could Mega-Alliances Help Profits Take Off?
    • Harmonising Standards for Sustainable African Trade
  4. Finance
    • Carbon Markets: How Can Africa Build its Own Market Value Chain?
    • Unlocking Climate Finance: Private Sector and DFI Collaboration
    • The Silent P: Adding Philanthropy to Public-Private Partnerships
  5. Infrastructure
    • Transmission Mission: Structuring Projects to Power Africa
    • How Mining Infrastructure Can Unlock Economic Growth
    • Supporting Infrastructure Investments in High-Risk Countries
  6. More...
    • Exploring the Business of Sports in Africa
    • Tourism, Hospitality and Hotels: How to Flaunt Africa
    • Pharmaceuticals: Boosting Production Through Regional Hubs
    • Educating Generation Alpha: How Technology Can Future-Proof African Youth

Why participate in the annual summit of the Africa CEO Forum (ACF) 2024?

  • Access high-level networking with the continent's leading decision makers.
  • Seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive to transactions.
  • Benefit from the analysis of consultants from leading consultancy firms to guide or reinforce your strategy.
  • Find out exclusively about the most promising investment projects.
  • Establish privileged contacts with public decision-makers interested in developing PPPs.
  • Adapt your strategies to the latest economic and geopolitical trends.
  • Present your country's vision and development strategy to the investment community.
  • Take part in discussions on the growth prospects of each sector.
  • Meet the international investment community and develop new PPPs.

Africa CEO Forum (ACF) 2024, organized by Jeune Afrique Media Group, Rwanda Development Board (RDB), International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Africa CEO Forum (ACF) 2024 - Easy Price Book Rwanda
Venue: Kigali, Rwanda
Starts: 05/16/2024
Ends: 05/17/2024
Duration: 2 days, 23 hours
Status: Ended
Easy Price Book Rwanda
Easy Price Book Rwanda

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