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Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd was established in 1958 and is the oldest agrochemical distribution company in the country. MCEA was sold to one of the leading chemical manufacturing companies at the time, Rhone-Poulenc. MCEAL business continued to be operated independently even after acquisition by Rhone-Poulenc. Thereafter, when Rhone-Poulenc was later acquired worldwide by May and Baker including its operations in Kenya, its new buyers disposed it off in 1991 to the current shareholders. Over the years the company has developed a brand name with the farmers particularly in small packs and quality products.

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd has one of the largest distribution networks in the country comprising 110 main distributors (MDs) and 600 stockists located in main agricultural areas of the country and meeting the diverse needs of the farmer. The company has well trained technical staff. In order to reach every farmer, the packaging of our products is done in such a manner that it meets the needs of the large scale farmer as well as the small scale farmer with product pack sizes ranging from 200 litre drums to 28ml bottles.

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd has commissioned a new repacking plant, which has evened out distortions in the supply chain and shorter lead times from importation to supply to M.D.s. Over the years Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd has also established an Animal Health division.

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd´s vision is to be the most preferred farmers´ partner in crop protection and animal health products and services.

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd´s mission is to support the farming community with quality crop protection and animal health products and services efficiently.

Country profiles: Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd in Kenya (Head Office), Murphy Chemicals (TZ) Ltd in Tanzania (Branch), Murphy Chemicals (Rwanda) Ltd in Rwanda (Branch)

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P.O. Box 598
Kigali, Rwanda


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