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Kabash began as many dreams do. It started as a compulsion: a compulsion to create, a compulsion to grow, and a compulsion to enhance the lives of the women who felt they had to fit themselves into a world that wasn´t tailor-made for them.

"I identified my dream of fashion at a young age, no matter how unattainable it was at the time," Kate writes. "I kept focusing on what I would need to know and do to start a sustainable company oriented towards empowering women".

"I opened up a boutique, Kabash Fashion House, in 2012, and one year later I even expanded into interior design, African crafts, and all-African artwork under the Kabash House label".

It took years of experience, trial and error, expert guidance, and a little bit of luck to make Kabash Fashion House what it is today, and Kate will be the first to say how grateful she is for the help she´s had along the way.

But Kabash is no longer a dream. Kabash is the reality Kate has created for herself, and for all the fearless women who have had to work to shape themselves and the world around them.

Kabash is the new freedom.

Kate is a lifelong designer and style influencer who believes fashion is not just about taste, but about attitude, body language, and above all else, control.

In many ways, Kate believes that fashion is the most important form of art, because it´s the very first way that we convey our identity, our values, and our heritage to others.

Kate grew up as a fashionista in her home country of Rwanda. Guided by her mother, who to this day influences every move she makes in the fashion world, Kate excelled as a beauty queen and role model for women and girls who value self-expression as much as she does.

She divides her time between Rwanda and Dallas, TX, further developing the Kabash line and expanding her message that all women are valued, desired, and deserve to dress without compromise.

The Kabash vision is that no woman - no matter what shape, size, or body type - should have to compromise on who she is, or what statement she decides to make about herself. Kabash is control.

Above all else, we value truth in self-expression. Our clothes do not make promises, nor do they conceal. They simply amplify the strength that is already there.

Our oath is to never compromise on the clothes we make, or the values woven into them, and we don´t believe you should either.

Kabash made its debut with a line of premium custom jeans that we call PremiFlex. These jeans were made to fit women who before have had trouble finding jeans that fit them perfectly, just as they are. Our denim is stylish, comfy, and made to hug every curve out there so that Kabash women never have to experience the "mom-jeans" feeling again.

We also offer custom tops and accessories, so no matter where you decide to shop, your jeans will always have a snazzy counterpart.

Comfortable, versatile, perfectly fitting. That´s the freedom of Kabash.

Kabash Fashion House Contact Details:

Website: https://www.shopkabash.com

Kigali City Tower, KN 2 St, Kigali, Rwanda


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