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AgroPy Ltd is a growing manufacturing company where the basis of our business has been to use Rwanda based product development to address local challenges. At AgroPy Ltd, we are focused on offering quality products and our commitment to our market is that we can deliver quality pesticide solutions today and we will continue to provide them to satisfy the needs of our market.

In the past, Pyrethrum extract was entirely for export with little direct benefit for the local market. Worse still, the farmers that grew this natural product would use synthetic pesticides to protect their flowers. We saw a need that had to be fulfilled and AgroPy Ltd now takes that natural extract and refines it into numerous natural and eco-friendly products which are used in Rwanda and the region. AgroPy Ltd's intervention creates a sustainable ecosystem for farmers and consumers and contributes to the national economy significantly.

AgroPy Ltd's vision is to become internationally renowned as a producer of premium organically produced insecticides that positively impact the end user in the agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and public health industries.

Some of AgroPy Ltd's products include:
• Crop products - Pyrethrum EWC+(Liquid), AgroPy 5EW (Liquid), Alphacypermethrin, etc
• Animal products - PermaPy, PermaPy Plus (Liquid), Inkuyo Plus (Grease), etc
• Public Health - Agropyrin, AgroPy 33, Bendiocarb, Fenitrothion, Tuuza Natural, Tuuza Longlasting, Bireti Repel, etc
• Post Harvest - Agrothrin Plus, Agrothrin Plus (Powder), etc

AgroPy Ltd Contact Details:


Chic Investment Building

KN 55st & KN 2 Ave.

Ground Floor
Kigali, Nyarugenge, Rwanda


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