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Societe Pharmaceutique Du Rwanda Ltd (SOPHAR), a privately owned company founded in 2007, distributes generic and brand named drugs and medical consumables in Rwanda.

Sophar Ltd is a leader of the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Rwanda. Created in 2007 by 58 pharmacists under the Association of Pharmacists in Rwanda, the company imports branded drugs, medical equipments, consumables and laboratory reagents and markets them across the country. Sophar Ltd´s priority is to improve the quality, affordability and availability of drugs in Rwanda.

In 2012, Sophar Ltd received funding through a strategic partnership with Fanisi Capital Investment Fund based in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2013, Sophar Ltd launched the construction of a warehousing project at the Special Economic Zone in Kigali where its Headquarters are now currently located.

The pharmaceutical industry is ever changing, shadowing the changes in our environment. Understanding and countering these changes with new and improved products is the day to day challenge that affects the pharmaceutical industry. In the forefront of change is technology; breakthrough in science has greatly affected the industry and products.

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Kigali Prime Economic Zone, C8
P.O Box 2320
Kigali, Rwanda


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