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Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd(NMI) is comprised of Nyanza Dairy Plant and Songa Dairy Farm. Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) is also a subsidiary company under : Agro Processing Trust Corporation Ltd (APTC) in Rwanda, which is involved in dairy farming at Songa farm and processing milk into pasteurized milk, curd milk and yoghurt.

Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) is legally registered in Rwanda in accordance with the company law. Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) has an independent management team that oversees its routine business activities and reports to the Chief Executive Officer of : Agro Processing Trust Corporation Ltd (APTC) in Rwanda.

Currently, Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) processing facility has installed capacity of 20,000 liters per day and intends to upgrade this to 50,000 liters per day and acquire UHT technology in the forthcoming 7 year period. A big portion of Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) market is in Kigali City, and it plans to increase its sales market all over the country through establishing new milk zone.

Management envisages exploiting the potentialities of Songa Dairy Farm to increase milk production and ensure steady supply of raw milk to the processing facility. In doing so, Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) will introduce milking parlor, establish clean water sources and construction of maternity and feeding pens. Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) has enjoyed the expertise and financial support from the parent company to thrive and sustain an ever growing competition.

Nyanza Milk Industries Ltd (NMI) Contact Details:

Website: www.nmi.rw

Kigali, Rwanda

P.O Box 6129,
Kigali, Rwanda


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