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In August, 2011, Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd was started by the merger of SIGMA GROUP INDIA and Metal Cans and Closures Kenya Ltd. Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd specializes in metallurgy-chemistry of the metals and in Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Cold Drawing and Cold Twisting. Imana steel bars and has since wrestling against corrosion introduced commercial production of steel and has served as a pioneer in this field. Maximizing the combined histories of both companies, Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd will work toward realizing customers´ new dreams through our steel products. With its timeless business philosophy, Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd (ISRL) is primed to not merely survive but win in a marketplace marked by frenetic change. Indeed, Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd (ISRL) scorching success story has been scripted essentially by its resolve to innovate, set new standards, enhance capabilities, and enrich lives and to ensure that it stays true to its haloed value system.

At Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd (ISRL), we create an integrated solution for steel-consuming sectors of the economy providing the best quality of services that leads to mutual successful development. We strive for leadership in all spheres of our activity and in all regions of our presence.

Imana Steel Rwanda Ltd (ISRL) visionis to attain a leadership position in the steel industry through performance excellence by providing cost-effective as well as quality standard steel bars.

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1st Floor, Omega House near SOPTRADE

P.O Box 6912,
Kigali, Rwanda


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