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About Bakame Editions ...

Bakame Editions is an independent, non-profit association operating in Rwanda since 1995 in the field of publishing and reading culture promotion. It is the first publishing house for children and young people created in Rwanda.

Bakame Editions produces good literature for children and young people in the national language, Kinyarwanda.

Since 2007 it has published various Kinyarwanda textbooks for primary schools. Since its creation in 1995, Bakame Editions has produced over 2 million copies of 200 different books and booklets. Bakame Editions is active in the promotion of reading culture in Rwanda. This vowed Bakame Editions various national and international recognitions with the major award received in 2013: BOP Bologna Prize of Best Children´s Publisher of the year in Africa.

Bakame Editions Contact Details:

Website: www.bakame.rw

Remera, KG 182 St 2

B.P. 4281,
Kigali, Rwanda


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