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AG Industries Ltd


About AG Industries Ltd ...

Incorporated in 2002, AG Industries Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of the popular, high end, industrial quality heavy duty and mild Phenolic Disinfectants and Antiseptics used for both industrial and domestic purposes all over Nigeria.

AG Industries Ltd products range includes:
• RoyalGad Lysol Disinfectant
• RoyalGad Germicide
• RoyalGad Antiseptic Disinfectant
• RoyalGad Pine Disinfectant

All AG Industries Ltd's products are registered by NAFDAC, and Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria.

AG Industries Ltd also undertakes contract manufacturing and private labelling.

AG Industries Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.agindustriesltd.net

Plot 3, AG Industries Close, off Odo-ona Elewe Express Way, Nigeria

G.P.O box 18345,
Dugbe, Ibadan


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