Inverter Compressor at Lifting Equipment Company Ltd (LECOL)


Inverter-driven systems can promote maximum compressor efficiency in term of smooth operation. The system can detect subtle fluctuations in temperatures and adjust its capacity output automatically which lead to constant stable temperature while minimizing power consumption and promoting humidity control.

Inverter system can control over room temperature to deliver appropriate capacity which is smart technology that can suitably match cooling and heating performance with operating requirements at specific location so the system can ensure that a room will be never too hot or too cold.

Conventional compressor operate at a fixed speed with on and off repetitively, on the other hand, inverter compressor has controller which can control power output to fit with variable operating environment as well.

Inverter Benefits:

1.) Precision Temperature Control: less noticeable swing in temperature because of its adaptation of capacity to match with any variable conditions automatically
2.) High Efficiency: deliver only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling or heating condition, thereby saving both energy and cash
3.) Humidity Control: enjoy greater comfortable climate
4.) Heating Performance: compressor rotation speed can greatly improve the heat exchanger performance between indoor and outdoor units

Inverter - Technology for the Future:

Inverter technology is becoming the new trend in HVAC&R industry. The system can enhance smoothing performance for any cooling or heating applications. For current situation, this technology can decrease the using of energy which not only save money but also friendly to the environment and create less global warming.

Capacity Range 12000btu/ 18000btu/ 24000btu and 36000Btu.

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