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Vital Camel Milk Ltd® is the world´s first dairy plant which processes camel milk and value added products as health food. We started operations at our milk plant in Nanyuki, Kenya in June 2005.

The company philosophy of Vital Camel Milk Ltd® contains:

Ensured Quality On Health Food
Leading In Research Implementation
Fair Business

We offer value added products from testified and pasteurised camel milk as health food. They have proven beneficial effects on different deseases such as diabetes.

All products are processed under highest hygiene standards and are made with natural ingredients only.

Products offered by Vital Camel Milk Ltd® are:

whole pasteurised Vital Camel Milk™
pasteurised Susa - sour milk
Yog´or™ - drinking yoghurt in different varieties
Cold Hump™ - camel milk ice in different varieties

Yog´or™ and selected varieties of Cold Hump™ are suitable for diabetics.

Our products are available in Nakumatt and Uchumi supermarkets as well as in other specialized shops in Nairobi and major towns in Kenya. We also export to Johannesburg, Capetown and Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Camel milk is rich on non-saturated fatty acids, iron, Vitamins B and C. Especially in Afica and Asia it is greatly valued for its health benefits. It is a valuable alternative for those persons suffering from allergy against cow milk. Camel milk also contains lactose but is an non-allergic organic product.

There is clear evidence that regular camel milk consumption contributes to an optimum diabetes management. Camel milk has positive effects in controlling high blood pressure and helps in the management of Arteriosclerosis and Osteoporosis. Research has demonstrated the presence of potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral factors in camel milk. Clinical trials showed that recovery from infectious desease (e.g. Tuberculosis) was signifantly faster in patients consuming camel milk regularly.

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Nanyuki, Kenya

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