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Safichem Kenya Ltd is a cleaning company whose core business is the supply of a wide range of cleaning agents and chemicals for personal care, home cleaning, commercial cleaning, institutional cleaning and industrial cleaning. Safichem Kenya Ltd also supplies labaratory equipment, labaratory furniture, labaratory consumables, labaratory glassware, labaratory machines and more.

Safichem Kenya Ltd's line of products includes:

  1. Personal care products - Hand wash; Hand sanitizer; Shower gel; Hair shampoo
  2. Laundry products - Liquid and powder machine wash detergents; Basic laundry detergent for all colours; Basic laundry detergent with inbuilt bleach for all colours; Chlorine based bleach; Oxygen based bleach; Manual wash detergents; Fabric softener
  3. Floor and carpet care - Floor strippers for polished and highly soiled floors; Self-shinning polish for all floors; Wooden floor polish; Terazo surfaces cleaner; Carpet shampoo for all carpets and upholstery
  4. Room care products - Toilet cleaners (washroom chemicals); Glass /all windows cleaner; Neutral cleaner for all washable surfaces; Rust remover; Degreaser; Air freshener
  5. Pool care - Swimming pool disinfectant; Water pH adjusters; Algicide-for removal of algae growth
  6. Kitchen products - Cleaners and sanitizer for all washable surfaces and utensils; Oven and grill cleaner; Dishwashing detergent; Drain opener and cleaner; Cleaner, distainer and disinfectant on all ceramic surfaces; Stainless steel polish
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) - Gloves; Face shield; Goggles and glasses; Respirator; Head covers; Safety shoes
  8. Labaratory Equipment and Supplies - Microscope; Test tubes; Beakers; Magnifying glass; volumetric flask; Bunsen burner; Dropper; Pipettes; Thermometer; Tongs; Brushes; Weighing machines; Wash bottles; Spatula; Spring balance; Burette; Watch Glass; Funnels; Ammeter; Crucible; Litmus and filte papers

Safichem Kenya Ltd's services includes:

  1. Domestic services - Area rug cleaning; Carpet and upholstery cleaning; Detailed car cleaning; Floor sanding and varnishing; Fumigation and pest control; Swimming pool cleaning
  2. Commercial services - Commercial property cleaning; Gardening and landscaping; Swimming pool cleaning; Floor sanding and varnishing; Executive office cleaning; Event clean up; Garbage and waste management services; Post construction cleaning; Fumigation and pest control; Sanitary and washroom solution

Safichem Kenya Ltd Contact Details:



Aga Khan Walk, Plot 209/8770, Nairobi, Kenya

P.O Box 35037,
Nairobi, Kenya


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