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Patco industries Limited is a fully fledged confectionery company which operarions in Kenya. The company headquarters is situated in industrial area, Lunga Lunga road off Rangwe Road in Nairobi.

Our products range from High Boiled Sweets, Candies, Toffees, Jellies, Powdered Glucose, Gums to Refined Sugar. Having a wide distribution network, with depots in different parts of the country, we are able to cater for the needs of our clients.

Our experience in supplying sweets, confectionery and chewing gums both to the local and international market make us to be proud of our products. We have invested heavy in modern equipment to ensure that our products meet high standards for both local and internationally markets.

We are constantly coming up with new recipes for sweets to ensure that we retain our leading position in the confectionary market. Every stage in production is designed with our clients in mind and any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Our products include: Bubble Gums, Toffees, Wrapped Sweets, Unwrapped Sweets, Lollipops, Glucose, Refined Sugar

Patco Industries Ltd Contact Details:


Lunga Lunga Road, Off Rangwe Road

Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya

+25420558595/8 532901, 558176
+254 722 624 867
+254 733 600 796
+254 253 2900

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Consumer Staples \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food Retail

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