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Murugu Natural & Nutritional Clinic has been in existence for the past 11 years having started in Nakuru town as a cottage therapist provider with locally sourced products. We have extended to other towns meeting the needs of desperate patients suffering from the so called chronic diseases. We have made it our objective to research and get answers to chronic diseases and can now boldly say that we can provide answers to 95% of the known chronic diseases. Our database has over 50,000 cases which have been presented to our clinics when desperate but have received treatment and have walked free with the hope of living tomorrow.

Our researchers are always working to improve on our drugs to reduce the said time frame the drug takes to cure. this time frame is built up from long consultation and observation of over 200 ailments.

We provide diagnosis, treatment and advisory services to over 95% of known chronic diseases. In a natural way with natural products, and food supplementation and through investigation to the cases, we have been able to single out illnesses to the root causes and have also been able to provide treatment to the following complications - Allergic complications; Reproductive Health (Female Infertility); Hormonal Imbalance Complications; Depression Complications; Infections; Reproductive Health (Male Infertility); Food, Water Hygiene & Sanitation; Immunity Problems; etc

Our Mission is to ensure the population is healthy and their life enjoyable to the fullest.

Our Vision is to be the best natural health care provider in the region.

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Contrust House, 7th Floor, Moi Avenue Next to Nairobi Sports House


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