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LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd are manufacturers of baler twines, brushes, brooms, pipes, ropes, stationary and plastic hardware items.

LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd started of with manufacturing paint brushes and other variety of brushes. As the times have progressed our innovative director of the company has introduced various other lines of products. LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd's machines are all state of the art and we aim to complete any orders that you place in as little time as possible.

For a family LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd's products can ensure the child's shoes will be polished, files organised, household will be clean, the car will be shining and the garden will be bursting with greenery for your customer. Our brushes, brooms, Smith stationary and PVC hosepipes would help.

For the farmer LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd twines, hose pipes and ropes can be used in a range of tasks.

For businesses LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd ropes and twines help in box and carton packaging.

LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd products are needed on a day to day basis by everyone and used in various businesses.

LG Harris & Co (EA) Ltd Contact Details:

Website: https://www.lgharriseastafrica.com

PO. Box 49919-00100,
GPO, Nairobi, Kenya



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