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At Kitil Farm, we grow and sell high quality bamboo seedlings to individuals, investment groups, NGOs, CBOs, Government ministries and departments, and County governments.

Kitil Farm uses biotechnology, among other laboratory techniques. We also establish bamboo nurseries, bamboo plantations and rehabilitate degraded land, to fully functional ecosystem using bamboo. Most importantly, we also conduct training to individual investors and/or groups on all aspects of bamboo care, bamboo management, harvesting and associated technologies.

Kitil Farm has the following species of bamboo:
• O. Abyssinica (giant and solid stemmed bamboo
• Bambusa textilis or longinternode
• Phyllostachys pubescens(moso)
• Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv grandis (a giant clumping bamboo)
• Dendrocalamus maximuslamina (a giant clumping bamboo and giant leaf)
• Dendrocalamus giganteus (a giant clumping bamboo)
• Dendrocalamus asper (a giant clumping bamboo)
• Dendrocalamus barbartus (a giant clumping bamboo)
• Dendrocalamus giganteus (a giant clumping bamboo).

Kitil Farm has the following indigenous tree seedlings:
• Olea africana
• Podo spp
• Dombeya goetzenii
• Prunus africana
• Hagenia abyssinica
• Juniperus procera(cedar)
• Syzygium guineese
• Polyscias kikuyensis
• Vitex kiniensis
• Cordia africana
• Warburgia ugandensis
• Pinus kesiya
• Juniperus sabina chinensis Leucaena leucocephala
• Rose gum (Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus camaldulensis)

Kitil Farm Contact Details:


Isinya, Kajiado County, Kenya

P.O Box 762-00606,
Sarit Centre, Nairobi, Kenya



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Kitil Farm business areas:

Materials \ Materials \ Construction Materials \ Construction Materials
Materials \ Materials \ Paper and Forest Products \ Forest Products
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Building Products \ Building Products
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors

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