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Herbal Giant Health Products Company Ltd, which was established in 1998 in Hong Kong, invested and built its production bases in North China port city of Tianjin, Weihai, and South China port city of Xiamen and Hangzhou. We have been working hard over a long period and have been the most professional manufacturer and supplier of health care products and medicines with quick technology improvement in China.

At present the company products accounted for approximately 40% market share in North China. Moreover, almost 50% products of Herbal Giant have been considered the exemption and trustworthy quality products by customers. In one word, the main reason that makes us been approbation is the great effort we have made to the production and application of herbal products.

In our production base in Tianjin, we have nearly 1,000 excellent staff. We take the same kind of attitude towards both our customers and ourselves. We highly treasure our progressive culture, in the same time, we insist on listening, understanding and realization of needs at work and in life. Developing and improving together with employees is our management philosophy.

We have professional knowledge and experience of the application of high technology in pharmaceutical, fermentation and other industries. We are committed to using this knowledge and experience to help our customers to achieve success, as well as sharing our knowledge and experience with them. Focusing on customer experience and growing with our customers is our marketing philosophy.

Our products include: Health Products, Equipments, Medical Devices, Sexual Health Care, Cosmetic Series, etc

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Website: https://www.herbal-gianteastafrica.com

4th Floor, Twisa Towers, Nairobi, Kenya


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